Video- DJ Koze “Nices Wolkchen” feat. Apparat

DJ Koze has released a video (see below) to help promote his first full-length album in eight years (titled “Amygdala”).

The very surreal but beautiful film directed by Daniel Warwick, was made for the track “Nices Wolkchen” and seems to involve futuristic druids performing some sort of ritual while wearing plastic inflatable suits. DJ Koze make an appearance wearing a baboon mask while holding a cat. Strange.

In German, “Nices Wolkchen” translates to “Nice Fluffy Clouds” and that’s exactly the feel I got from the track, even after I saw one of the inflatable druids float up and away during the video.  I’ve been a big Apparat fan since I reviewed a track from his DJ Kicks compilation here and you can definitely hear his influence on this one.  Koze also brought in a few other collaborators for this album, including the likes of Caribou and Matthew Dear.

Amygdala was released on March 22 and has received pretty positive reviews.  DJ Koze appears on Pampa Records and you can pick up “Amygdala” from their online store.