Single review: Apparat- Sayulita

Photo courtesy of Shitkatapult Records

Download: Apparat- Sayulita

Berlin’s Apparat (a.k.a. Sascha Ring) and the mix series DJ-Kicks made this track available for free download and it is BREATHTAKING!  There are so many beautiful sounds in this track I wasn’t quite sure where to begin in reviewing it!

The intro is a bit psychedelic and then the beat slowly creeps in, very subtly at first, then begins thumping and getting deeper and deeper throughout. As an electronica fan I truly enjoyed the myriads of electronic voice he brings throughout the track.  They are powerful, yet not overwhelming.

The middle section of the track has a bit of a breakdown section where some percussion sounds are used along with a light, funky guitar part. Then the main voice returns to build and build upon itself.

At the end, the huge sound dies off as if it is just exhausted from the activity of the previous five minutes and cannot continue any further.

It’s just a great electronic track and if I were to say who his style (based on this track) reminds me of I would say a combination of Moby (based on his preference for huge sounding tracks) and Ulrich Schnauss (type of synth melody).

Apparat’s “DJ-Kicks” release drops October 25th on !K7 Records and also includes a hot remix track from the fantastic Four Tet.  GO GET IT!!!