GET THAT LOOK: Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

Either you have been under a rock or listening to way too much underground-hipno-electro-chillwave if you haven’t heard of this guy, Trinidad james. His single “All Gold Everything” already has well over 5 million views on youtube. He signed a whopping 2 million dollar contract with Def Jam in December and this is all before dropping a proper album. His rapping may be suspect to some and his fashion? Well that’s a whole other conundrum! Most of his looks may seem like he got dressed in lil Wayne’s closet during a blackout but if you ever feel the need to pull out your own version of all gold everything…here’s how you may be able to make it tasteful and yes, even fashionable. Molly not included!

  1. Nixon Monopoly Watch
  2. Han Cholo Pyramid ring
  3. Blvack Scvle two finger ring
  4. Hon Cholo Brass Knuckles Chain
  5.  Gold Fronts 
  6. Vintage Gazelles
  7. Black Diner Jacket
  8. Gold Pocket Square 
  9. D9 reserve re up snap back
  10. Christian Louboutin Harvanana Tartan