VIDEO: Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

To the average listener, Atlanta has carried a multitude of sounds over the last decade. We’ve seen those engulfed in crunk (Lil’ Jon, Youngbloodz), elementary dance maneuvers (‘Laffy Taffy’, ‘Superman’, ‘Lean With It, Rock Wit It’), comedic bravado (Ludacris) and hardcore enthusiasts (Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, TI). With all the aforementioned reaching success at some stage in their career, saying that the ATL has had a phenomenal run, well – goes without saying. And with artists such as Trinidad James holding the torch, their reign as a mainstay in hip-hop culture is safe as ever.

On his latest video, “All Gold Everything”, James raps about his obsession with gold jewelry over infectious looping production, which complement his slow and deliberate flow. He shouts out the ‘real n*ggas’, the strippers at Oynx and ‘freshman on Instagram straight flexin”, while detesting all the hypebeasts who cater to popularity. And if you have a Twitter account, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the “popped a molly, im sweatin’ WOO” tweet flooding your timeline. There might not be a more addictive track this year, so expect to hear this at your nearest club or bar. Those looking for over-the-top lyricism should take a hike; this is all flashy. And by just looking at James, he wouldn’t want it any other way.