ART: First Underwater Tag Ever by INVADER

Could we be looking at the first ever underwater tag by an urban graffiti artist?  This one is done by none other than INVADER, the notorious French graffiti artist who has placed little space invaders all around the world (check out the map below).

These space invaders are the first to appear underwater at MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) the sculpture reef in Mexico, which we recently covered on The Couch Sessions in ART: Underwater.

As signs of urban graffiti and artistic craft in our oceans increases, it reminds us that there exists a very large canvas that has yet to be colored and filled with dissenting imagery, like the streets above.  This is an exciting realm of possibility for an underwater movement that can be both artistic and environmentally sound, one that can counteract the decades of industrialization that has and still is taking over this beautiful part of our world.

Where is the graffiti tagging mermaid crew? I want to join!