ART: Underwater

Imagine swimming in the open ocean, turquoise-blue waters and discovering an underwater land of mystical people from another time.  A lone piano collects sea-dust and a young girl contemplates her coral garden.  If you travel far enough you will meet The Dream Collector – only hope your subconscious has a gift worthy enough to offer.  This place is real and can be found if you dive into the waters of Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc of Cancun, Mexico.


Silent Evolution Jason deCaires Taylor

The Musician Jason deCaires Taylor

                   Jardinera Jason deCaires Taylor

The Dream Collector Jason deCaires Taylor


Here form has function to go along with its beauty;  MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed to increase biomass in the surrounding waters, as only 10-15% of the sea bed allows reefs to form naturally.  Founder James deCaires Taylor, along with other artists, use pH neutral clay to sculpt over 450 pieces spread across 420 sq meters.  In an otherwise barren ocean land, creating spaces for coral to grow in turn provides a home for an entire ecosystem of marine life.  Surprisingly an ulterior motive of the artificial sculpture reef is to draw tourists away from the existing natural reefs, which are in dire need of regeneration with over 750,000 Cancuners visiting each year.

The beauty of placing human creations underwater is that we see an evolution occur as everything merges with nature, until its original form is almost indistinguishable.  At night we can behold the true colorful vibrance of this natural art.

Vicissitudes Jason deCaires Taylor


Perhaps the aliens will delight in uncovering our sunken treasures after we are long gone. What would you memorialize in this modern day Atlantis?


The Phoenix Jason deCaires Taylor

The Listener Jason deCaires Taylor

The Last Supper Jason deCaires Taylor