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New York

NYC: Just A Band and Analogue Transit at DROM


85 Avenue A,
$10 advance / $15 Show
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From DROM:

Just A Band, the trio of Billy “Blink” Selanga, Dan Muli, and Jim Chuchu, are redefining the sound of Kenyan music in the 21st century, with their exciting mix of disco/electro/African funk. They’ve been exciting crowds all over Nairobi, and it’s finally the chance for New Yorkers to experience the band that’s responsible for what Fast Company called “Kenya’s first viral music video” for the song Ha-He.

Music blog The Couch Sessions frames up the killer track “Huff + Puff” like this:

It’s African music, but not that traditional tribal sound that you think about when you usually think of African music. This song could bump in pretty much any international lounge scene and wouldn’t be out of place. The synth work is
impressive, and when they declare that they’re gonna “huff and puff and blow the house down,” you can hear an uncanny undertone of malice, joy, and swag in equal amounts.