MUSIC: James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) – Remixes Made With Tennis Data

James Murphy has to be bored. After fronting the seminal LCD Soundsystem which singlehandedly put NYC dance rock on it’s back for a decade, he’s been linked to a few wacky projects. When he’s not trying to make New York City Subway Turnstiles into instruments he’s turning sport sounds into music. During the US Open [...]

December 19, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Basement Jaxx feat. Shakka – Rock This Road

While they never got as much props as the other big robot headed act dance of the 90′s Basement Jaxx put in major work in building a bridge between 2am sweaty urban house music and pop songwriting. They recently released a new album, Junto. The video is a fun piece of art, but what’s great [...]

December 19, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

OPINION: J. Cole, D’Angelo, and The Return of Unabashedly Black Music

Music sales are at an all time low. The US music industry sold half as many units in 2014 as it did in the year prior. It took until October for the country to see its first platinum album release of 2014. And although streaming music revenues are rising, disputes over payouts to artists put [...]

December 18, 2014 Winston "Stone" Ford Music 0

MUSIC: Lion Babe – Jungle Lady

Here’s the new clip from electrosoul/indie R&B group Lion Babe. As usual with their clips, you get a heavy focus on the lovely singer of the duo, Jillian Hervey. She does a great job with the vocals on this track, but the winner is the smooth and bass heavy beat laid down by her partner [...]

December 18, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Best Of Both Offices Vol.4

When he’s not sacrificing smurfs for more illumaniti powers Jiggaman has his minions running a pretty dope lifestyle blog called Jay-Z Life + Times. They recently partnered up with Immanuel J Smith to release the 4th volume of his great new music compilation, Best Of Both Offices. It’s got some new and upcoming rappers like [...]

December 17, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Pusha T – Lunch Money

While he works on the hopefully heavy King Push, the followup to his pretty great “My Name Is My Name”, Pusha T has released the video for his recently released track. The Kanye West (and Yeezus influenced) track is pretty great (particularly the Gangstarr shoutouts) but as usual its Pusha T showing the young traplords [...]

December 16, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: D’Angelo – Black Messiah is Mother’fin out.

Well, it’s been an interesting 72 hours or so in the music world. Apparently the world’s best kept secret (take that Sony) Black Messiah, D’Angelo’s new album, is fucking out. It all started from an Instagram photo showing a brand new CD, which spiraled into a cobbled together press release saying that the new album [...]

December 15, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: TI X Young Thug – About Da $ (Kaytranada Remix)

With Lil Wayne busy being a skating and arguing with his ‘Daddy’ his rap skills have declined and that’s left ample room for a newer generation of MC’s to run with his style. The most successful(and weirdest) of them all is Young Thug whos taken Wayne’s circa Carter III weird vocal sing songy tics and [...]

December 12, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: The 1978ers – Without A Clue

yU and Slimkat have released a video from the latest track from their 1978ers project, ‘Without A Clue’. In this clip you’ve got them dressed classically dapper along with heavy chew stick action. Built over a smooth sample it’s a great smoothy song to cruise around with heated leather seats. It’s taken from their People [...]

December 11, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Hayley Kiyoko X Rogue Vogue – This Side of Paradise

In cold times like these in between sips of cocoa and the next Netflix binge watch, we turn our ears towards warmer, happier sounds in hope that it serves as life’s fast foward button to warmer weather. To help with that temporary psychosis we bring you a remix of Hayley Kiyoko’s “This Side of Paradise” [...]

December 10, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Niia X Range – Breaking EP

Songstress/pianist Niia recruited popular beatmaker The Range to make a pretty darn solid remix ep called ‘Breaking EP’. The tracks are from her Generation Blue EP, and it’s presumably a ramp-up until she drops her full length in 2015. Here they fit like a glove, and you don’t get those weird forced together glitchy sounds. [...]

December 9, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0

MUSIC: Wu Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

While the new Wu-Tang album isn’t theirs best work, it still shows that as a crew they are still dope and vital in an ever changing hip-hop landscape. They are timely too; they dropped the visual for their newest track, “A Better Tomorrow” with a unfiltered message against police brutality filled with protest footage. Be [...]

December 8, 2014 Reginald Duvivier Music 0