LIVE: Chance The Rapper and RBSS 30 Days In LA

Day 15:  Red Bull Sound Select hit the halfway point of their 30 Days In LA spectacle and brought one of Hip-Hop’s it-men, Chance The Rapper.  Live at arguably the best venue in LA, House Of Blues, RBSS opened the night with 2 acts they hope to launch during these 30 days.  Setting it off [...]

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LIVE: Usher brings his UR Experience tour to Washington DC

photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography One thing you can say about Usher is that he definitely knows how to put on a show.  Monday night’s show at the Verizon Center was no exception.  The R&B star’s show started off with DJ Cassidy, one of NYC’s sought after DJ’s.  Cassidy equipped with a guitarist and keyboardist, played [...]

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LIVE: RBSS 30 Days In LA: Wax On Wax

LIVE: RBSS 30 Days In LA:  Wax On Wax

Day 5 of the Red Bull Sound Select 30 Days In LA event series was a star-studded event attended by George Clooney, Lady GaGa, Audrey Hepburn, E.T…. I swear they were all there!  In what was surely a night to remember, Madame Tussade’s Wax Museum in Hollywood hosted the Wax On Wax tribute to vinyl [...]

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LIVE: Breaking Music in DTLA: RBSS 30 Days In LA

Downtown Los Angeles:  A Summer that stretched far into fall and a yearlong drought ended Halloween weekend as if the spirits of the dead were adding their own touch of dark ambiance to a usually insane weekend of parties.  Cold weather (by LA standards) and scattered puddles from the previous night’s downpour did not stop [...]

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LIVE: Fleetwood Mac: “On With the Show” Tour in Washington DC

 photos: Sneakshot Photography   A reunited and fully intact Fleetwood Mac takes Washington, DC on a euphoric trip. After 16 long years, the warm and smoky voice of Christine McVie was heard once again on the live stage, ensuring a sell-out crowd at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC for the return of the now fully [...]

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LIVE: Fader Fort at CMJ 2014

What’s great about the Fader Fort in CMJ is that it’s a cheat sheet to some of the best bands playing the music marathon. Sure, you can trek yourself back and forth between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan wasting cab fare trying to plead your way into a venue as big as someone closet to peek [...]

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LIVE: Alice Russell at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge

Couchsessions recently got a chance to check out Alice Russell at Le Poisson Rouge. The thing about soul music is that while it definitely conveys emotion on wax (I still get misty eyed over Mary’s “My Life” album), experiencing it live is a whole other animal. It’s what’s great about seeing Alice Russell; she’s got [...]

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LIVE: Nas: Time Is Illmatic Film and Concert at Lincoln Theater [DC]

photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography “Who woulda thunk?” That’s the opening line in Nas: Time Is Illmatic; an independent film about the making of Nas‘ legendary first album. Time Is Illmatic is not just a track by track breakdown of the album but a full background on Nas’ childhood and what created the mindset for the [...]

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LIVE: Renegades Of Rhythm Tour Los Angeles

LIVE: Renegades Of Rhythm Tour Los Angeles

Friday, October 3rd followers gathered in the church of Hip-Hop for a service presided over by Ministers Shadow and Cut Chemist.  This week’s sermon was in praise of the prophet Afrika Bambaataa, who in the days of the 19 hundred and 70s helped bring peace to the gang violence of the South Bronx with the [...]

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LIVE: Big K.R.I.T. at The Howard Theatre

Friday night at Howard Theatre, Big K.R.I.T. proved once again why his show is a can’t miss. Performing over 30 songs for the sold out crowd, K.R.I.T’s intensity puts his live show above most rappers today. With the line wrapped around the block and some fans getting caught in the rain there was an obvious excitement [...]

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TOUR: Renegades Of Rhythm with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

Photos by Mathieu Bredeau Hip-Hop in the late 70’s took the definition of a Disc Jockey and, similar to the Bronx B-Boys dancing on linoleum, spun it on its head.  There are many proclaimed Grandmasters but there is only one “Master Of Records”, Afrika Bambaataa.  This Fall, DJ / Producers Shadow and Cut Chemist are [...]

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LIVE: Luke James captivates the audience at the Hamilton Live DC

photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography Friday night at The Hamilton, singer-songwriter Luke James gave a stellar performance to the intimate crowd.  The young artist has developed quite a following, considering his first official album only came out last week.  Born in New Orleans, he began his musical career singing background vocals for Tyrese. He was picked to be the opening [...]

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