DRINKS & ARTS: Falernum & Film

 video source: If you read my recent posts, you are well aware of my recent award tour in cocktail couture.  My love of well-crafted elixirs has served as the impetus behind my homemade bitters and simple syrups and well stocked collection of apertifs, digestifs, and other high-end liquor products, including falernum.  Recently, I just [...]

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INTERVIEW: Kahli Abdu + VHS Safari

We at Couchsessions got a chance to virtually sit down with Kahli Abdu + VHS Safari, a DC formed (but now NYC based) band. The group is comprised of Nigerian artist Abdu and production duo VHS Safari consisting of D.C. natives David Muehlenkamp and Will Whitney. They flip a bunch of styles; from of course [...]

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INTERVIEW: Stuart Matthewman and Vanessa Bley are Twin Danger

The past two decades have seen an increase in musical collaborations with artists from seemingly opposing genres. What began with Gorillaz and continued with the success of Gnarls Barkley, has seen a number of off base connections with some fantastic results. The latest addition to this line is the duo comprising Twin Danger. Formed by [...]

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INTERVIEW: Homeboy Sandman

Finding life’s best path is sometimes a very winding road. This was no different for Queens own Homeboy Sandman. Following graduating from college, he bounced around trying to figure out his passion. This included some teaching, a little bartending, and two stints in grad school. But he finally came around to using his gifts as an [...]

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INTERVIEW: Fatima – Yellow Memories

The long awaited debut album from Swedish-Senegalese songstress Fatima, Yellow Memories, will be released later this week (May 12) on Eglo Records, the London-based label headed by Alex Nut and Floating Points. Yellow Memories is a solid achievement involving an arsenal of high-calibre producers from both sides of the Atlantic, including Shafiq Husayn, Oh No, [...]

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The Couch Sessions Interview – Hannibal Buress

In today’s fractured media world you can’t just do one thing well. In order to make paper you have to have you have your name in the spotlight at all times. You have to be a triple-threat. In the comedy world, there are numerous multi-sport athletes, but the one that everyone is looking at to [...]

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While brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are young (20 and 17 year olds respectively) the’ve been a band (The Bots) for a years and have the chops, the drive and most importantly the songwriting skills that rivals musicians twice their age. After dropping their Sincerely Sorry EP last fall, they are preparing their major label [...]

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INTERVIEW: Mobile Mondays! Founders Operator Emz & Miss Rebecca

The quality dance party is an understated art form. While a cornucopia of great music exists, true masters of the wheels of steel are hard to come by. Cold rocking the party is not for the faint of heart. To find a dance party where these artisans only work off of 45s is even more [...]

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Lissie is usually described as a folk rock singer, which is a label that pops up whenever someone likes to play acoustic guitar. Her music might roots in the folk tradition but her talents transcend genre, she’s a solid singer and songwriter of the purest sense. She even found a way to make Kid Cudi [...]

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INTERVIEW: Music Executives Amir Windom & Maurice Slade Talk Success in the Music Industry

It’s a sweaty summer day in 2003. Tallahassee is vibrant with a fresh import of anxious Florida A&M University (FAMU) students. A bus shuttles the new ‘Rattlers’ on a mall trip, when a few students in the bus interrupt the still, nervous air. Amir Windom (“AW”) and Maurice Slade (“Moe”) were doing what they naturally [...]

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INTERVIEW “Jah C” – The Fall

Photos by Alexander Mayo Clarence Fruster has been a pivotal part of New York City’s music scene for years. As Jah C he spent his early years making noise with the NYC collective New Rap Order. When he ran out of venues that would let him and his fellow MC’s perform (keep in mind even [...]

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  The Rock the Bells Organizer On Beats, Rhymes and the Touring Life If you want to know how most musicians feel about promoters just check out the lyrics from the A Tribe Called Quests’ song “Rap Promoter” – “If there ain’t no dough, there ain’t no show”.  Historically, the relationship between the musician and [...]

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