SCREEN: SNL Thanksgiving Special… “Back Home Ballers” with Cameron Diaz

If you are a city transplant or a college student going back home to your parent’s house for Thanksgiving, I’m sure you can relate to this insanely funny SNL music video “Back Home Ballers”. For 11 months of the year, you are the template for independence, the beacon of self-reliance, the champion of aptitude. But [...]

November 27, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

SCREEN: Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time (Extended Cut)

As one state after another legalizes medical and recreational marijuana, the U.S. is finally realizing that weed should not be criminalized – especially if liquor is legal! It’s very refreshing to see these hilariously-sweet grandmas taking rips from the bong and thoroughly enjoying it. I feel the progress, it feels great, and it’s giving me [...]

November 24, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

STYLE: Photos from the 2014 DC Tweed Ride

[Photos by Carrie Epps] As a bike commuter, I’m largely a spandex-and-yoga pants kind of girl, for a few reasons: comfort, force of habit, not wanting to be a sweaty mess in my work clothes. However, I might start donning a different style after the recent DC Tweed Ride. Hosted by local social group Dandies [...]

November 20, 2014 Carrie Epps Culture, Style 0

SCREEN: Signal Strength by Chris Shimojima

For all of you who live in sprawling metropolitans I’m sure you’ve experienced the talented street performers – the saxophonist, drummers, dancers,  harpists, flutists, what have you. Some of you, including myself, have thought while reveling in their jam session, ‘wouldn’t this sound so much better accompanied by other instruments’? Filmmaker Chris Shimojima may have thought [...]

November 10, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

SCREEN: Slaves of the Rave by William Garratt

When you go to your favorite concert and look around, you’ll notice your fellow show attendees have many similarities.  (And I’m not talking about the matching tees you all hopefully bought at the merch table to support your favorite artist!).  From fashion, to types of drinks, to dance moves, head bob mannerisms, use of slang, [...]

October 22, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

SCREEN: The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy

This short film was such a joy to watch. Starting off with a simple and ethical themes, such as ‘don’t be afraid of what you don’t know’ to ‘be prepared for anything, The Missing Scarf develops into a deep film with profound metaphysical and existential messages. It’s like the best kind of storytelling mixed with [...]

October 15, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

TRAVEL: Nature Walks; Become one with Nature

I’ve lived in the DC area for over a decade, and I love it. It’s just each year it feels like it gets busier and busier and more and more crowded. I’m a southern girl, and I gets ta yearnin’ for a little bit of space and a slower pace every now and then. It’s [...]

October 14, 2014 Kioni Kicks Featured, Travel 0

SCREEN: SF – One Sec Shots by Brian Emerick

Living in New York, there is no other comparable experience.  The energy, the sights, the sounds provides me with stimulation that no other city can.  I find myself bored spending more than 1 week in any other city.  And having lived here for almost 10 years, it’s safe to say that NYC is my adopted [...]

October 9, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 1

RECAP: Sonos Studio Takes Over NYC With Art, Speakers and Danny Brown

NYC has been losing a lot to LA lately.  The two coastal cities have been in a battle for cultural dominance of North America since the beginning of time, and at the moment it seems LA is winning. Case in point, The Sonos Studio on Fairfax in LA. The permanent gallery and event space has [...]

October 8, 2014 Winston "Stone" Ford Culture 0

SHORT FILM: Floating by Greg Jardin

From movies and shows about Robots, to Legos, to cars, to planes, humans have always been able to find empathy for abstract non-human.  ”Floating” by Greg Jardin is an urban love story about a character made entirely of balloons who feels lost and/or ostracized amongst a large metropolitan diaspora.  The moment he meets someone (on [...]

October 1, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Screen 0

TRAVEL: How to Plan a Culture Trip Like a Boss: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Completely alien to the art of itinerary making, last week’s trip to Cambodia was a real wake up call to the world of potential that awaits the patient travel planner. Getting whisked off on all expense paid surprise birthday trips is not commonplace in my world, and while the gesture itself was immensely appreciated, it [...]

September 29, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Culture, Featured, Travel 0

SCREEN: Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines

We are living in very sad times when lines for the new iPhone 6 are populated by black market resellers and not tech geeks.  I credit it to consumerism in a globalized economy.  Since the iPhone 6 is not being released in China until 2015, the black market has provided a loophole – 1) pay [...]

September 26, 2014 Jon "Law" Heredia Screen 0