CCO Jamie Jackson of Mythical Games Wants Us to Feel the Blankos Block Party Vibe


On March 15 th at SXSW, I had the pleasure to sit with Chief Creative Officer Jamie Jackson, of Mythical Games. Jamie and his team were here to provide a first glance and launch of his newest project. If Jamie Jackson’s name sounds familiar, you may of heard of a little game obsession called Guitar Hero (Activision) or maybe his latest creation Blankos Block Party.

Blankos Block Party, is a playful focus on custom art design, music, world building and collecting. Blankos Block Party is slotted to be the next hot PC/MAC multi-formatted game with the most beloved characters. “Vibes. It’s all about feeling the vibes. Jamie said to describe Blankos. They are meant to make you feel good while playing.” The more fun things you do, the more vibe points you collect. Besides being the ultimate most adorable virtual vinyl like characters, the characters are designed by the user and their world, and the user also creates and controls. You can build a world where you can be alone enjoying your own environment or share with other players.”

“Players can be creative. You’re able to collect the Blankos in your own book. You’ll be able to play, collect and trade them. You’re also able to combine them to make a new and original Blankos.” As a gamer and collector, I’ve been waiting for a game like this. Jamie said it best, “If you’re like me, you collect vinyl toys place them up somewhere or in a case. Blankos are the vinyl toys you get to play with.”

Once you get a taste you’re hooked. I was lucky enough to demo the game with Jamie and his publicist Neil Wood. I found myself in a world that was built like a giant block party. There were food trucks, music blasting, stereo speakers and a dope boom box. Trying to run around collecting my vibes (points in the shape of lightning bolts) and just feeling like a kid. I forgot to mention, I was able to use Jamie’s rare custom Blankos.

The area I ventured into was a vibrant hub that’s built to meet up with other Blankos to complete daily challenges, and scavenger hunts which was just one of many worlds within Blankos Block Party.

Blankos night wrapped with hosting the SXSW Gaming opening party. The event featured DJ Questlove, (The Roots, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and allowed
attendees to demo a sneak peek into the world of Blankos Block Party. Attendees who went head to head in the Blankos hub, were able to take photos with some of the Blankos hanging out and acquired exclusive collectors’ cards that unlocked SXSW Blankos. Attendees will be able to use these exclusive Blankos during their Beta phase as well as when the game goes live.