BITE OF THE MOMENT: “Fine-Casual” KUT Steps Up The West Village Kebab Game

[photos by Conor Rose]

In the West Village, kebabs are no longer just the grab and go street cart meal you might be used to. KUT opened this past May by the lovely entrepreneur Henda Miliani and Executive Chef Flourent De Brunelis, who have combined their French backgrounds and experience with Mediterranean street food to serve up a healthier, elevated, “fine-casual” spin on the typical kebab experience.

Offerings are freshly prepared, with many housemade elements. Diners can select from a sandwich, a kuttie (half-sandwich), a durum (roti-like flatbread) or a salad bowl, prepared either with chicken or without. The chicken is free-range and marinated for 24 hours in-house, and roasted slowly on a revolving vertical spit, allowing for diners to get both the tender, juicy pieces and the crisp, crackling bites. An array of fillings are available – caramelized onions, slaw, a roasted vegetable mix, and at an extra charge, a hefty scoop of incredibly creamy hummus. To top everything off, choose from any – or all – of number of housemade sauces – green (the spiciest, with parsley and jalapeno), red (less spicy than the green, tomato and harissa), white (yogurt based), and samurai (mayo, ketchup, harissa, and lemon juice).

We opted for a salad bowl with chicken, plus red and white sauce, and all the fillings, and a chicken durum wrap with white sauce, a vegetable mix, tomatoes, and hummus. The wrap was perfectly satisfying for one, and the bowl was piled so high with ingredients it could have been enough for two people to split a light meal. At about $8-10 per dish, KUT is as affordable as meals get in the area and you certainly won’t be leaving hungry.

Though we didn’t get to try the bread, it’s already got a good reputation – made fresh every day, it’s reportedly pillowy soft and so addicting that if you want to take a pack of it home, KUT sells the bread on site.

The cheery bright blue storefront stands out amongst the many others on the corner of Carmine and 6th Avenue, one of the most bustling in the West Village, a prime spot for dining, drinking, and people-watching. Kebabs are not something the area is sparse on, with the many food carts strewn throughout the neighborhood targeting students and tourists looking for a cheap bite – but with the quality of ingredients, execution of fast-casual dishes, and cheery service, KUT stands out above the rest.

You can visit KUT at 303 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

This meal was provided by KUT, however all opinions are our own.