MUSIC: Suicidal Tendencies at House of Vans

While House of Vans continues to throw as many parties as they can before the cops come and shut the show down permanently in August (cops in this case being presumably the high rents, gentrification, and the general malaise of New New York that are forcing the closing). On a hot sweaty Saturday night they decided to throw a night of punk & heavy music to get the juices and mosh pits flowing with the legendary Suicidal Tendencies. While there’s always been a friendly rivalry between east coast and west coast punk bands, Suicidal made sure that the New York City hardcore contingent was well represented with their two openers; young up and comers CHUD and classic greats Killing Time.

Because of time constraints we missed CHUD but the thunderous sound that emanated out of the venue as we walked in at the end of their set gave the feeling they brought their A game on a bill with formidable vets. Killing Time has existed as a band for almost 30 years but they too came out with a vengeance. They cracked a few jokes about their age, (“We walked in wondering who the creepy old men here were, I guess we are”) but their live show would put most of the younger punk bands to shame and whipped the crowd into a circle pit frenzy for their entire set.

Finally Suicidal Tendencies hit the stage as tight as ever. Suicidal is basically an institution at this point having laid down the blueprint in the 80’s that a thousand metal and punk bands continue to take to the bank today. Lead singer Mike Muir was a ball of energy on stage, never staying in a spot more than three seconds before running to the other side pointing, growling, or enthusiastically cheering at the crowd. The band themselves were tight with ever riff and drum fill piercing through the humid night and the crowd responded in time singing the songs back when they weren’t going nuts in the pit.

In the end hundreds of punks spilled into a hot Brooklyn night exhausted, spent but still high from seeing one of the best punk shows this summer. The House of Van’s House Parties summer series continues on Friday July 20th with Blondie and Liz Phair (!!!) and you can check out the info here.


July 24 – Blonde
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