LIVE: Action Bronson at the House of Vans

The bittersweet send-off celebrations for Brooklyn’s House Of Vans started with Action Bronson on 6/14. If you showed up late a long but enthusiastic line of fans greeted you but once you made it inside free Vans merchandize and more importantly free drinks were to be had. The good vibes spread to the openers; the 90’s hip-hop acolytes B.A.G. (MC’s Blimes and Gifted Gab) started the party with classic wordplay and MC’ing and tore the stage up while making a few new fans in the process. Darnell Williams was up next with a party friendly trap heavy set that kept the party bouncing up and down as much as he did in his S & M harness.
The crowd did not have to wait long for Action Bronson to hit the stage. What makes Bronson a must see act is that in addition to just being a fierce live MC (no hype men, no pre-recorded vocals on tracks) his stage banter makes you feel like he could easily strike out as a standup-comedian. At a certain point he complained about not having time to sage the stage and decided to balanced a spiritual crystal on his head while rapping(seems Action has a bit of New Age in him). T-Shirts and cheesesteaks were thrown into a the crowd and after the set everyone spilled out into the Brooklyn streets happy and a bit tipsy.
The send off House of Vans Parties continue with cult indie faves Slowdive on 6/30th and you can RSVP here, with these shows still in the pipeline!


July 14 – Suicidal Tendencies
(RSVP Open June 27)

July 24 – Special Guest
(RSVP Open July 11)

August 3 – Against Me!
(RSVP Open July 18)

August 10 – Pennywise
(RSVP Open July 26)

August 18 – Deerhunter
(RSVP Open July 27)

August 24 – Interpol
(RSVP Open August 15)

House of Vans Brooklyn
25 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, New York