Reg and Stone Talk Music #014: The Kanye Saga Continues

DISCLAIMER: Like last week’s disclaimer, we recorded this prior to Kanye’s…….enlightened views on slavery. So even though we tried to rush this podcast out, we’re still late!

This week…..We talk about Kanye’s bizarre antics (i.e. Scoopa di Poopa), and it’s effect not only on hip-hop, but on Good Music itself. Has Kanye basically ethered the careers of Pusha T and Cudi? Where do we go from here? What about other artists such as Goldlink and Daniel Caesar that are getting swept up in this mess? At this point, the only genre I trust is polka.

As for other news, we review the latest Janelle Monae album, Dirty Computer and gush over the new Raury project, the woods.

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Also, we have a new fresh playlist for y’all here!