Punk-Flavored Trap? New Music from Rico Nasty and Melo Makes Music

Let me make a statement that will surprise no one.

Trap music bores me.

I mean, there are some rather amazing trap music that is being made these days, from Future’s “Mask Off,” to even Playboy Carti’s “Magnolia.” But to be honest, there is only so much repetitive 808s that a dude could take these days.

But over the past few years, the Trap has been embracing the rock scene, though only through the lens of fashion. However, the musical influences had to trickle down. So I’m glad that I was pleasantly surprised by two artists I stumbled upon this weekend. Maryland-bred Rico Nasty is actually a known commodity among the FADER crowd these days, but it wasn’t until I heard her latest track “Smack a Bitch,” that I took notice. The banging guitar riffs (provided by producer Kenny Beats), and Rico’s slightly off kilter rhymes brings out the headbanger in me.

Chicago’s Melo Makes Music (not to be confused with the label Melo Music Group), tries to channel both Kurt Cobain and Trent Reznor on his track Blastaa (Let It Go). Whether he succeeds is up to the jury, however I give him props for taking the risk and doing something completely different (especially looking at the other songs in his repertoire).

Even though these tracks stand out, the rest of both artist’s catalogs toe the familiar trap/rap line. Only time will tell if these artists’ embrace of rock is long-lasting statement, or a momentary blip.