MUSIC: Superorganism

Collectives are the new thing in music these days. Whether it’s Janelle Monae’s Wondaland, or the kids from BROCKHAMPTON, the new musical economies of scale dictate that more than ever, “it takes a village” to put out music projects these days.

So it’s not surprising that Superorganism, the new London-based group, has gone the collective route. The 8 person group shares a house somewhere in London, and their origins are a tribute to the marvels of the Internet. The group came together over Facebook and YouTube comments sections, and their members hail from the UK, Korea, New Zealand, and Japan (by way of a Maine). And it’s the band’s 18 year old Japanese lead singer Orono Noguchi’s sing-talky style which is the heart of the band.

The music is decidedly trippy, and decidedly old school at the same time, reminding me of 90s favorites like Geggy Tah, Pavement or (Odelay) Beck. The result is a borderline pop, borderline psychedelic mix that may not be for everyone.