MUSIC: JPEGMAFIA – 1539 B. Calvert

JPEGMAFIA’s career on the surface looks like the legion of sound cloud rappers that crawled out of the abyss of the internet. You’ve got the distorted drums, the seemingly on the fly made up song titles (“Whole Foods”) and troll friendly behavior like posing with a confederate flag. But dig a little deeper and you will find lyrics that aren’t afraid to veer into politics (particularly the scum that is the alt-right), intentionally un-PC but actually witty lines like ‘Pull My Case, boy, I beat that shit like Lennon beat his bae’, and something those soundcloud rappers haven’t figured out; how to master their records.

Basically JPEGMAFIA’s ready to take over the world. He dropped his album ‘Veteran’ recently and in it you find tracks that could fit on a Playboi Carti OR a Death Grips playlist. While the difference in sound can be a bit jarring, he’s making solid tracks on both sides of the coinand it’s only a matter of time before he turns it into a cohesive strong vision. Take a listen to standout 1539 Calvert above.