MUSIC: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Matrix

If the Atlanta rap scene had a graduation system Hoodrich Pablo Juan would be this year’s valedictorian; strutting down the aisle for his diploma and the cushy job waiting for him after graduation. 2017 was a breakout year that had him drop well buzzed mixtapes along with guest verses on Migos tracks.

Rather than continue the expected trajectory Mr.Juan started his 2018 off a little different; a collaborative EP with French House producer Brodinski. Because of their shared love of synthesizers and bass drops there has been some trap and EDM crossovers in the past (who could forget, rather who can remember the middling Diplo “Free Gucci Mane” remix project around the turn of the decade) . The Matrix EP is different though; Brodinski was known for his hard hitting sinister sounding synths and he’s turned it up to 11 while Hoodrich skates on top of these aggressive beats without a care in the trap world. It a pretty great marriage of different genres plus it shows that there’s still interesting corners to be found in trap music and club music. Listen below.