New Music: Topaz Jones – Toothache

New Jersey’s Topaz Jones made some waves a couple years ago with the track Tropicana, a bouncy trap-hop gem that got him on the radar of Pitchfork and a slot on the storied Colors YouTube Channel. Since then, he’s dropped a few tracks, most notably with Cali-bred artist Levan Kali.

However, the lane I would most like the young Jones to explore is funk. He’s the son of a musician who played in the band Slave after all, and his newest track Toothache has funk prodigy written all over it.

Toothache is a family affair, with Jones bringing in his Aunt on the intro (proudly proclaiming that you “get up off your ass”) and his cousin singing hooks. Even though Jones’ other music is a bit over the place, I really feel like he’s the most comfortable in this funk lane, and let’s all hope he explores it further.