BITE OF THE MOMENT: Choose Your Own Crust Adventure at PN Wood Fired Pizza

[All photos by Conor Rose]

It’s easy to grab a pizza at literally any corner of New York City, but it’s the holidays and you deserve something nice, so let’s kick it up a notch. Tucked right between Broadway and 5th Avenue, just blocks from the Flatiron, sits PN Wood Fired Pizza, a warm and inviting crust-focused pizza haven with options to please any type of pizza eater. PN (short for “pecore nere” – black sheep in Italian) takes the utmost pride is in its ingredients, particularly their flour, which is all imported organic from Italy and even plays a role in decor, displayed throughout the space. All of their dough is aged, allowing the gluten to break down, serving for easier digestion and a more complex flavor profile. The crust is the shining star here, and PN allows you to choose your own crust from an extensive array of options.

Pizza isn’t the only item PN boasts on its menu, and we tried a few appetizers to see what else they had up their sleeves. The popular Cauliflower Hummus was light and airy, made with cauliflower, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil, served with housemade foccacina, but good enough to down by the spoonful (like I did!). Never ones to turn down a meat and cheese place, we also sample the creamiest Mozzarella di Bufala and abundant slices of Prosciutto Crudo di Parma before the main course.

Naturally, we did eventually want pizza, and as per our host Giorgio’s suggestions, we selected two of their most popular ones. The Salamino – crafted with tomato pulp, fresh mozzarella, Charlito’s Cocina spicy salame (brought in from Italy, made with pasture raised heritage breed pork, evaporated sea salt, and nitrate and nitrites free), and basil – was a comforting choice for that freezing night, with truly spicy salame that I would have been happy eating alone, it was so addictive. I subbed gluten-free crust here, which was surprisingly so close to the real thing – it’s rare that a gluten-free crust can be both chewy and crispy, and I was happy to find a place where I know I can get my GF pizza fix if I’m really craving it. The equally tasty Marguez was a rectangular pie with a “cerealix” multigrain crust, topped with harissa sauce, mozzarella, marguez lamb sausage, broccolini, and cilantro. Each pizza hovers around $20, which is on the pricier side for a personal pizza, but is more than enough for a meal (we both saved slices for leftovers) and you know the quality of ingredients is top notch.

We washed it all down with an Old Fashioned and a glass of Pinot Nero. The crowd was an eclectic mix of Flatiron post-work dinner and drinkers, tourists, couples, and even a boisterous, seasonally appropriate Secret Santa/White Elephant situation going down too. Whether you’re a traditional, experimental, or even not a pizza fan, there’ll be something for you at PN.

For more photos, click here. You can visit PN Wood Fired Pizza at 2 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001. This meal was provided for us by PN Wood Fired Pizza, and all opinions are our own.