MUSIC: Bambooman – Whispers (Feat. Elsa Hewitt)


Never underestimate the power of a female whispering French on your track. It worked like hell for Serge Gainsbourg in 1969, and ain’t nothing’s really changed there.

On new track “Whispers”, dance/electronic DJ Bambooman offers an outstanding example of the sultry sensations generated by some fine French hitting your ear. With Elsa Hewitt playing the Jane Birkin role, “Whispers” toys with ambient/experimental territory and pitch-shifted vocals, recalling offerings like SOPHIE’s “Lemonade” from fellow Londoners PC Music.

Whispers, Bambooman’s proper debut album, dropped in August of this year, but don’t necessarily judge it solely by this title track—it’s a veritable stew of influences, from dubstep and techno to hip-hop and found sound.

And the meaning of those French words? Even Bambooman’s not sure what to make of them: “This French whispering does make sense apparently, but I’m not sure what they say anymore.” It’s probably better in your imagination, anyhow.

Unnecessary note: Headphones required.