LIVE: Metz, Uniform and Bambara at Music Hall of Williamsburg

The one bright side during politically and socially oppressive times is that loud & aggressive music becomes back in style as artists channel the now daily angst into their work. Metz were making noise during the Obama years and while they’ve always been a great band on record (and a fantastic band to witness live) their latest record for Sub Pop, Strange Piece is one of the best years where noise, angst and surprisingly solid pop songwriting craft come together. They brought their tour for the record to Brooklyn featuring Uniform and Bambara

First up was Bambara who’s modus operandi is post punk instrumentals with fiery swagger from their frontman. Somewhere between traditional rock star, angry punk, and preacher he moved around like his voice, going from melodic rants into pure rock fury vitriol.

If you like your music as brutal and as mechanical sounding as possible, Uniform‘s the band for you. Taking their inspiration from late 80’s to early 90’s industrial music, Uniform’s stripped down live presence (just a singer, guitarist and a drum machine) finds a way to pummel you the most efficient way possible. While the band traditionally traffics in apolitical theme like anger and depression the times are so bad even they’ve found themselves having politics creep into their art such as the video for single, “The Killing Of America” which sadly shows the stats of mass shootings (sigh, 450) that happened in 2016 in the the good old US of A.

Last up was Metz. Featuring a light show that’s definitely not epileptic friendly they tore through tracks from their new record and also crowd favorites. As usual at shows like these, the crowd began to bounce against each other with movements that switched between angry moshing and bouncing sing alongs. The songs were lean, mean and effective, cutting through the venue’s acoustics and leaving the crowd drenched with sweat and amped for more.