LIVE: Izzy Bizu plays SOB’s in NYC

In the modern era it’s often that you see a great live show but realize the music is relatively thin. There’s nothing wrong with that; music in itself tends to be best when you experience communally; among friends, family, a slightly tipsy but in a good mood crowd. Seeing Izzy Bizu live makes you realize sometimes you get both. Blessed with a bright and brassy voice that reminds you of the jazz singers of old and modern songstresses at the same time. She touched down at SOB’s in New York City during a brisk fall day and killed it.

Izzy hit the stage to little fanfare and just went straight into her set. With a stripped down band featuring just a keyboardist and guitarist her sound filled the room and had kept the crowd entranced during her quick set. There were calls for an encore and she seemed to want to abide but unfortunately they had run out of time…always leave the crowd wanting more.