LIVE: Quicksand Returns to Brooklyn after Two Decades Away

Quicksand was a seminal early 90’s post-hardcore band that really wasn’t hardcore punk at all. While the members all played in punk bands in New York City during the 80’s by the time they joined up they shed many of the tropes expected from that kind of band entering into the new decades. The vocals were clear, often sweet, and less confrontational then their counterparts. Their guitar work was more nuanced willing to experiment then their bruiser counterparts. It’s why when they broke up after two seminal albums the members subsequent work continued down these paths; lead singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels would go on to front a bunch of indie rock bands including MTV’s Alternative Nation darlings Rival Schools, and bassist Sergio Vega would eventually join another boundary expanding rock band that claimed Quicksand as one of their influences, the rock juggernaut Deftones.

Like many bands in the 90’s that you can argue have reformed just to make cash off a fan base that’s grown into higher tax brackets since their teenage years but they would be wrong. They’ve got a new album out on Epitaph records that seem to not only stand up to their old work, but build on it. And you fact that members of the band have continued on as working musicians makes you feel they got back together because they want to, not because they need to. And it’s evident on stage with band members thrashing around while throwing kicks and guitars in the air wearing unbreakable smiles playing their second of two sold out New York City dates. The crowd responded in kind screaming back the lyrics with both old and new fans moshing along. Its vital cathartic rock music that feels even more vital in these times.