LIVE: Nick Hakim at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Nick Hakim dropped his debut album, Green Twins, a few months ago to great acclaim. It’s a collection of soul songs filtered through a modern lens; soulful vocals and pretty instrumental melodies are as important as the musical textures and unrecognizable sounds that serve as the base for many of these tracks. Its an album that sounds like life; pretty and strange at the same time (something which didn’t escape the producers at the hit HBO show Insecure that used his track Needy Bees this season).

As a live act Nick is as unpredictable as his music; at times he would perform with his hat low, working through a song with a classical arrangement with his tight band behind him invoking almost 60’s Motown. Other times? He’s on his knees spastically dancing around letting the music take him to a spiritual place. He’s a performer that doesn’t just dutifully recreate the studio tracks but someone who actually performs and gives his music life in a live setting which makes him such an entertaining act to see.