The List: Top 5 Hip-Hop Samples of Radiohead

Over an extremely fertile 33-year career, Thom Yorke and Co. have produced loads of beautiful.weird.haunting.mournful moments, from the guitar-driven Britpop and art rock of their early albums through to the electronic and orchestral manoeuvres of latter-day.

One of the consistent threads, however, has been their production of sounds ripe for sampling by the hip-hop world. Without further ado, here are our picks for best use of Radiohead:

Joe Budden: “Never Again”
Sampled: “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends

Lupe Fiasco: “The National Anthem”
Sampled: “The National Anthem” from Kid A

The Airplane Boys: “Ice Age”
Sampled: “Idioteque” from Kid A

The Roots: “Atonement”
Sampled: “You and Whose Army?” from Amnesiac

People Under the Stairs: “All Good Things”
Sampled: “Reckoner” from In Rainbows