MUSIC: Sophie Meiers – Sincerely, Yours

Sophie Meiers hails from Durango, Colorado, although her voice alone had me assuming she was English. Something about both the phrasing and timbre of her pipes evokes a familiar Brit: Corinne Bailey Rae.

Like CBR, Meiers has a penchant for lightly jazzy and folky arrangements to showcase her lovely voice. But judging by her Soundcloud tracks alone, Meiers has a much broader pallet of sound to work with (often the advantage of an independent artist). Her singles pair Meiers with a bevy of guest producers, and are stylized on Soundcloud like collaborations between two fashion houses (“sophie meiers x michael mason”).

“Sincerely, Yours” is a track Meiers released in early 2017, but it’s an excellent entry point to her work. It opens unassumingly, with lo-fi jazz guitar and her wordless scatting. From there, drums courtesy of producer nohidea. and Meiers’ own plainspoken, tender lyrics come to the fore. Her tasteful approach extends even to the track title itself, with a comma flipping the passé letter closing of “sincerely yours” into a declaration of affection. Feel free to fall in love.

Sophie Meiers