MUSIC: Little Simz – Days Like This

Little Simz (aka Simbi Ajikawo) came up with Space Age, her multi-talented crew of models, artists, and musicians in Islington, North London. Since hitting the scene with her solo debut A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons in 2015, it’s been a swift ascent: she was cherry-picked by Jay-Z’s Life+Times site, toured with Schoolboy Q, and got the highest praise from Kendrick, who claimed Simz just might be “the illest doin’ it right now.”

Stillness in Wonderland, released in late 2016, was an ambitious, Lewis Carroll-channeling concept album that showcased Simz’s singing and backpack rap over grime and jazzy guitar. And with little fanfare, Simz just dropped a new single, “Days Like This” to Soundcloud. Per her notes on the track, it serves as an acknowledgement of sorts for the warm reception her last album garnered:

“Thank you to EVERYONE that supported ‘Stillness In Wonderland’ and recognised how solid the shit was. Much love always. constantly reminding myself it’s beyond & greater than me.”

On “Days Like This”, Simz raps about a typical day of music and hustling, and even takes a cute interlude to ring her mum and check in. The track plays to her considerable strengths; she’s frankly a much better rapper than singer. And fellow Space Age rhymer Josh Arcé delivers a clever guest turn to boot. The future looks mighty bright.

Little Simz