Dean Is Putting a New Spin on K-Pop

When one thinks of K-Pop, you’re most likely to envision a football-team sized cadre of identical scantily clad females, or more notably, the global hit “Gangnam Style.”

However, there is way more depth to Korean popular music than most Americans give it credit for. After treading through some suspect Korean hip-hop, I was able to stumble upon R&B singer Dean and was blown away. The 24 year old singer is already a force in Asia, and has also cracked the States with an appearance at SXSW. Like a lot of South Korean artists, there is a lot of music on his roster, but tt’s his collaboration with The Internet front-woman Syd that truly has my attention.

Also, check his Colors show via YouTube (above).

Bonus: Check out his collaboration with OFFONOFF called “Gold”