MUSIC: Francis and the Lights – May I Have This Dance (Remix) feat. Chance the Rapper

On this remix of a track from 2016’s Farewell, Starlite!, Francis and the Lights gets a key assist from Chance the Rapper.

The Good: The original track was already a tasty pop confection, blending EDM with heavy Eighties influences (hello, Peter Gabriel). The new video features some highly endearing dance choreography from both musicians (Awww) and the remix adds a new verse from Chance, dedicated to his daughter (Double Awww). It’s the latest installment in a bromance that kicked off with Francis guesting on Chance’s “Summer Friends” last year.

The Bad: Clocking in at a brisk 3:15, it’s just not nearly long enough.

The Ugly: Chance! Please untuck that tee, son.