LIVE: House Of Vans with Princess Nokia and The Drums

House of Vans touched down in Brooklyn once again for a show featuring The Drums and Princess Nokia. Goose Island beers were had, surprisingly solid tacos were scarfed down from the Taco trunk in the back, and half the sneakers in the house were of the cool Vans kind.

First up was Princess Nokia. Coming out to Tomboy, “With my little titties and my phat belly, I could take your man if you finna let me, It’s a guarantee he won’t forget me, my body little, my soul is heavy” she had the place absolutely turned up. While Tomboy is carried by a heavy trap beat as an artist Nokia is more aligned towards the classic New York MC; tough, thoughtful rhymes with focused and exacting cadences meant to cut through the bullshit. She stalked the stage like a panther (shouts to LL), crowd surfed, insisted that the crowd be a safe space for the women who were heavy in attendance with a distinct, ‘or imma personally fuck you up’ tone.

Next up were The Drums who perfectly encapsulated everything that was great about 80’s rock songwriting, except updated for the new. Lead singer Jonny Pierce led his bandmates through a tight and focused set; the vocals were on point along with the facial expressions. The crowd bounced along singing back every word. It was a solid rock show in a time where that’s slowly becoming a forgotten art.