[All photos by Conor Rose]

Alice’s Arbor has already had inner-circle Couch Sessions hype – much of our crew has roots in or around Bed-Stuy, so I’ve been hearing its praises for a few years, but never actually got around to stopping in. When the opportunity arose for a visit, we jumped at the chance and right on to the train over to Classon and Fulton.

For a late May early dinner spot, the place was in its prime. Outdoor seating was in effect and the window-doors were open too, letting in the slight breeze and the golden hour light. To kick things off, we chose two quintessential “it’s going to be a classy summer night” appetizers – pickles and oysters. The plate of 3 types for $6 housemade pickles included pickled mushrooms, pickled (spicy!) green beans, and pickled, well, pickles. The beautifully plated and fresh half-dozen oysters were served with a ginger habanero mignonette (the vinegary condiment usually served with raw oysters – had to look it up because I’m sometimes the worst at fancy food).

We got cozy with the cocktail menu, trying three. The Bedstuy Run was a simple, light, and gorgeous drink with London gin, fresh ginger syrup, lime juice, and cassis, topped with club soda. The Maple Old Fashioned (Sazerac rye, maple syrup, orange-thyme reduction and angostura bitters) would seem not typically fitting for a warm night, yet it was a bit sweet, a lot refreshing, and boozy, but softer and less hard-hitting than other OFs.  Bad Hombre stood out to us a favorite for us both – with Hornitos tequila, jalapeno and cilantro infused syrup, and fresh lime juice, it’s exactly what you want to sip on a summer day and if you want to pretend like you’re drinking a green juice (when you know you’re really just drinking tequila and sugar).

The Jam Burger was a no-brainer to order as we almost never pass up a burger if it’s on the menu, in this case, a juicy and complex grass-fed burger topped with swiss, bacon jam, enough jalapenos for you to prove yourself, and a side of seasoned cowboy fries.

For this glu-tard right here, I was bouncing back and forth between the pork chop and wood oven roasted chicken, thinking I might try to go on the lighter, healthier side, when – surprise! There’s gluten-free bread and pasta, which meant that I was now magically able to eat all of the entrees. Score! With this new golden tidbit of information, the choice was obvious: mac and cheese. With gluten-free spiral pasta, plus cheddar and goat cheese, the piping hot beauty was made only more decadent with an addition of pulled pork. I was in tender meaty, stretchy cheesy heaven.

This place checks off all the boxes: both indoor and outdoor (and indoor that feels like you’re outdoor) seating, ample options for the allergy and intolerance riddled, a killer cocktail menu, and dishes that made us feel all kinds of feelings. Not to mention, a slew of glowing recs – it’s safe to say I’m on board with the rest of the CS team. If you haven’t been here, go (we’ll be back for brunch)!

This meal was provided by Alice’s Arbor, however all opinions are our own. For more photos, click here.