LIVE: John Mayer: In Search For Everything Tour Lands In Washington DC

Photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography for The Couch Sessions

As eager fans filled the Verizon Center, the vibe was one of a calm frenzy –sounds odd but there was a feeling that something magical was about to take place. The opening act, The Record Company was a really good fit with the show’s aesthetic, a three-piece rock/blues band from LA, but their sound isn’t that polished new rock sound, their sound straddles the line between raw electric blues and 1950’s rock and roll.

As a long time John Mayer fan, there were songs that I wanted to hear–a couple were in the set, quite a few weren’t–but, hey can’t have it all.  The show was presented in chapters–Full Band, Acoustic, Trio and Full Band (reprise). John cracked a few jokes between the songs with the audience which kept the audience engaged. Mayer’s band included some of the best; Isaiah Sharkey (Guitar), Larry Goldings (Keyboards), Steve Jordan (Drums) and the Legendary Pino Palladino (Bass).

The only down side was the lull between the chapters for the set changes, you know sitting in the dark for two minutes with no music can kill a bit of the momentum. The chapters were filled with awesome songs, but the ONE chapter that stood out the most to me was the Trio.

The John Mayer Trio – Mayer on Vocals/Guitar, Steve Jordan on Drums and Pino Palladino on Bass –toured for 4 years (2005-09), then left us high and dry. So, it was a great thing to see them back together. This chapter had the simplest stage set up, but it had the most energy; coupled with the lighting design and the musicians chemistry. But they only played three songs which was too short of a set, but left us wanting more…

During the last encore, John sat at a white piano in front of a white screen, while he played “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” which he dedicated to the late Don Rickles. Then exited the stage in a Truman Show style. If you’re a John Mayer fan then you should go catch this tour, you might find what you’re searching for…


I. Full Band

  • Belief
  • Why Georgia
  • I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  • Love on the Weekend
  • Vultures

II. Acoustic

  • 3×5
  • Emoji of A Wave
  • Your Body is A Wonderland
  • Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty Cover)

III. Trio (w/Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino)

  • Who Did You Think I Was
  • Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
  • Bold As Love (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

IV. Full Band

  • Moving on and Getting Over
  • Blues Run the Game (Jackson C. Frank Cover)
  • Queen of California
  • Who Says
  • Stitched Up (Herbie Hancock Cover)
  • Slow Dancing in A Burning Room

Encore 1

  • Still Feel Like Your Man
  • Born and Raised

Encore 2

  • You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me