DRINK: Angel’s Share [NYC]

Photo from thrillist.com.

Photo from thrillist.com.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Angel’s Share, but a coworker brought it up recently and it reminded me that I should really go back soon.

Everyone loves a good speakeasy type place. It makes you feel cool for knowing about it and the cocktails, in my experience, are usually pretty legit. To get to Angel’s Share, you go into the restaurant Village Yokocho and at the top of the stairs there is a nondescript door which leads to the bar. Once inside, it’s a pretty small place but it’s very cozy and there’s a really cool painting on the ceiling above the bar. It’s the perfect place for a fun and intimate date night — I don’t know that I would recommend going with a group of friends because the space isn’t that big.

Grab a table by the window and people watch perched above Astor Place with a delicious cocktail in hand.

Angel’s Share (in Village Yokocho)
8 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003