[all photos by Conor Rose]

There’s a new kid on the block in Greenwich Village, but what it’s got for us has let us know that it’s not just here to play. The Anthony (named after Anthony Lispenard Bleecker, of the namesake street it lives upon) has been open since last December, but has been fairly under-the-radar amongst the myriad of bars and eateries in its constantly bustling NYU territory.

Besides just having straightforward great food and an ideal location, The Anthony has a bit more to offer than your average spot. Here, the menu has fun with contrasts – the overlying theme of contrasting textures and flavors was threaded throughout the entire meal, making for some creative, standout dishes.

The Anthony boasts a small yet carefully curated cocktail menu, and I couldn’t resist trying the Suzy’s Secret (vodka, raspberry, cucumber, and champagne) which was light, fruity, very Cosmo-like, and reminiscent of watermelon Jolly Ranchers – a good thing! On the contrary, we also went with the Manhattan, one of the two cocktails offered on tap – a “heavier” cocktail, with a hefty amount of vermouth and a tinge of sweetness.

First course started off with a bang – Crispy Duck and Waffles, The Anthony’s most popular dish (how could it not be?). On a pedestal above your typical chicken and waffle dish, duck confit and buttermilk waffles were tied together with a smoked duck fat maple syrup glaze, and had us setting the bar high for the rest of the meal.

Spring-y, weather appropriate appetizers came next – one, a gorgeous plate of pink cubes of watermelon topped with a satisfyingly crispy and tender pork belly, garnished with greens and sesame seeds. We also enjoyed a creamy, plump burrata sitting pretty over persimmons, all drizzled with a fruity balsamic, and served with a few crispy breads.

Then – entrees! You can judge a lot about a restaurant by examining its burger offering, and this one did not disappoint – the Tony Prime Burger was a towering, juicy burger, adorned with various cheeses, crispy shallots, and creamed spinach, plus a small bucket of skinny fries on the side. As if we needed more meat, we also tried the seared lamb chops, served with creamed spinach, a slice of bacon-apple potato cake, and pomegranate glaze.

For dessert, a caramel popcorn cheesecake, which we managed to devour even after all the courses before it – another savory-sweet treat to round out the meal. If you make your way to The Anthony (which you should!) let us know what you think in the comments.

For more photos, click here. This meal was provided by The Anthony – all opinions are our own.