MUSIC: House of Vans Back at SXSW 2017!


It’s that time of the year where thousands of music fans descend down to Austin to wolf down copious amounts of food and drink while damaging their ear drums; its South By South West the 2017 edition! Easily the best showcase of up and coming music acts (RIP CMJ), SXSW turns an already live music and fun friendly town into basically one pulsating music festival on every corner. House of Vans usually throws one of the best showcases of the week and it looks like this year they haven’t lost any steam. You’ve got the superbly trippy “The Black Angels” to up and coming MC Denzel Curry; you’ve got French Montana there to give his prerequisites ‘Haaahhh’, along with special guests. They’ve also thrown in something called, “House of Vans Workshops’ where you can great your own D.I.Y. cameras to capture all the shenanigans happening. No RSVP this year, but as usual its up to capacity so get there early. More info here.