MUSIC: Cadence Weapon – My Crew (Woo)

The swift-rhyming Cadence Weapon (née Roland Pemberton) hails from the realest streets of…Edmonton, Canada? Unlikely origins aside, dude’s been putting his serious flow on display since the mid-aughts, sprinkling mixtapes and albums every few years and being crowned Poet Laureate by his home city in 2009.

On single “My Crew (Woo)”, Cadence gets a production assist from a fellow Canadian, the positively incendiary Kaytranada. Kay’s backing track splits the difference between trap and EDM, and Cadence navigates it like an F1 racer, nimbly carving through winding verses and spitting fire on the straightaways. He shouts out local Montreal neighborhoods and drops all-over-the-board references to Das EFX, wrestler Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and 1998 cult black comedy Heathers. Suggestion: throw this on your next gym mix.

Cadence Weapon