MUSIC: Autograf – Nobody Knows (feat. WYNNE)

The Chicago EDM mavens of Autograf slow their roll on new track “Nobody Knows.” A quick perusal of the band’s Soundcloud page reveals how heavily the DJ trio have trafficked in deep house grooves since their 2013 inception. But “Nobody Knows” is a welcome tweaking of that well-worn formula.

The opening of gothic piano chords and a dirge-like pace promise a loping slow jam. But when the synth arpeggios arrive, the track reveals a pronounced Eighties vibe. You could very easily imagine it scoring, say, the second season of Stranger Things.

Still, it’s the expansive voice of British vocalist WYNNE that gives the song its true impact. Both title and hook bring to mind the mid-eighteenth century spiritual “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”. Without any musical accompaniment whatsoever, this would still be haunting blues. And the vocal manipulations that Autograf bring to bear on WYNNE’s voice throughout only add to the chilling effect. Ghostly good.