MUSIC: Amber Mimz – Start

Amber Mimz’s THREE EP came out all the way back in April of 2016, but she only recently released a video for lead track “Start”, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2017.

Says Mimz of the track: “(It’s) about the leap you didn’t take and I believe every day is a chance to try again. On Valentine’s Day hopes are higher, optimism is in the air and for us singles it reminds us to never settle…It was important to capture what can make regret disappointing and acknowledge the hardest part, to Start.”

“Start” ushers you in with cymbal flourishes and piano courtesy of Ronnie Collins; an enticing fusion of classical and jazz influences that would make Gershwin proud. The jazz gives way to funky R&B feel on the verses, then eases into bossa nova on the chorus. “S-T-A-R-T/Maybe my E-G-O was always in the way” Mimz wonders aloud over breezy organ.

The video mirrors the lovelorn-yet-hopeful tone of “Start”, capturing the spontaneity of random couples strolling hand-in-hand through the streets of London.