LIVE: Gavin Turek at Soho House

Gavin Turek touched down in New York City for a sold out show at Baby’s All Right on February 17th in celebration for her brand new EP Good Look For You. But before she took her shimmy shake to the heart of Brooklyn, her first stop was a private Fashion Week show at Soho House the night before. As usual Gavin was an electric and professional performer, but what makes her live show a joy is her ability to make her show feel simultaneously like a performance and a great house party. A New York crowd can be a tough one yet she had the crowd dancing (with some light Soul Train line voguing action), grinding on each other, and having a grand old time while drinking twenty dollar drinks. She even had her DJ, (DJ Valfeury) hop onto the stage for some choreographed action to a her Donna Summers ‘Bad Girl’ cover before an adorable moment of forcing her mother to come on stage to do the same.