FOOD: Ovest Pizzoteca [NYC]

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I finally ventured out of the East Village this past weekend to a spot for dinner that would be perfect if you are walking the highline or Sleep No More and are in need of some food: Ovest Pizzoteca.

My love for pizza is pretty known at this point and I was excited to give Ovest a try. It’s a bit far as it’s on 10th Avenue, but we had a great time and it would be perfect for the times you find yourself all the way west and in need of some good food.

We started with the calamari, meatballs and the golosa salad. Surprisingly, I think the salad was my favorite of the appetizers we ordered. For five people we then shared the aurogola, tartufata and ovest pizzas, my favorite of course being the four cheese one (tartufata) but the aurogola was also amazing — I love arugula. For dessert, we shared the nutella donuts which were absolutely incredible, and just enough for five.

We were able to make a reservation that night and had a lovely circular table in the back and drank wine (the Chianti was very good) and shared each plate, which is one of my favorite ways to have dinner.

I will definitely keep this place in mind for the future and while it was a bit of a trek for me, it was absolutely worth it. Another pizza spot to cross off my list!

Ovest Pizzoteca
513 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001