BITE OF THE MOMENT: Simon Indian Palace


[All photos by Conor Rose]

In an area perched north of the outskirts of Curry Hill, Simon Indian Palace holds its own as one of the more recent Indian restaurant additions to the area. Though the storefront seems small and unassuming, inside holds an extensive menu of the best dishes from Indian cuisine.

To start, we ordered the Achari Tandoori Mushroom, which was the ideal size for two – four plump grilled mushrooms marinated with pickled spices which we topped with an array of various types of chutney.

It was the first foray into Indian cuisine for one of us, so for one of the entrees, we chose Chicken Tikka Masala as an appropriate introductory meal – grilled diced chicken smothered in a creamy tomato sauce, paired with a side of rice and peas. For our second entree, the slightly more adventurous and spicier Lamb Biryani, a silver pot filled with cubes of tender lamb, mixed into long grain basmati rice and studded with cashews.

Of course, we couldn’t let the meal go by without a side of Garlic Naan – fluffy, drizzled with a bit of oil, and sprinkled with a bit of cilantro. The creamy, not-too-sweet mango lassi was a pleasant way to wash it all down.

In terms of service, water was always filled, and there was always an offer from the waitstaff to serve from the platter to my plate, which was appreciated. An appetizer, two entrees, and naan was more than enough for a dinner (and leftovers for the next day’s lunch) for two.

If you’re in the neighborhood and having a hard time choosing from a myriad of Indian restaurants, take some time to head north of the madness and look to Simon Indian Palace for your next Indian meal.



You can visit Simon Indian Palace at 230 E 58th St in Manhattan. This meal was provided by Simon Indian Palace, however all opinions are our own.