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DRINK: East Village Social [NYC]

by Kayleigh Clark
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While I still live in the East Village, I recently moved up a block and over west an avenue and a half. This might not seem like a huge difference, and ultimately it’s not, but it has opened my eyes to a few bars and restaurants I have always walked past and never went to. One such place is East Village Social.

EVS is exactly the kind of neighborhood place you would expect to find on St. Mark’s. It’s dark but not gross, small but not too tiny, and the drink selection is varied enough and not too pricey. I met some friends there the other week and we shared a bottle of wine for $20 (happy hour is until 8!). I love wine so much but find it so incredibly frustrating that the $9 bottle you bought costs $50 at the restaurant where you’re having dinner. So to find $20 bottles of wine is basically a small miracle and allows you to leave your apartment for at least a little while.

While this time I didn’t try any of the food, their menu is oddly enough exactly what I would like to eat. The list isn’t long, but a burger, grilled cheese and mac and cheese are my three main food groups. It’s like it is meant to be. Throw in the pancakes and it sounds like breakfast for dinner is in my future!