dsc_0042[Photos by Conor Rose]

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with tapas. I’m down to try everything on the menu, but almost every group tapas experience I’ve had has resulted in a few bites of a few plates that never fill me up – I’m the type who just wants to hoard one giant plate of food.

Natsumi Tapas is maybe the first tapas experience where I left feeling happily full after trying a decent sampling of the menu. Mostly Japanese, with a bit of Italian in the mix, the menu is divided into hot and cold tapas, an extensive sushi list, plus pasta and flatbread dishes. As recommended by our server, we chose the Filet Mignon Tataki with a ponzu truffle sauce, which fell under the list of Giant Plates of Food I Want To Hoard and I could have drank buckets of that sauce.  Cold tapas featured small plates of raw fish in a variety of styles. The Tuna Tartar Tataki was paired with an avocado salad and spicy miso vinaigrette and was more than enough for two.

For drinks, we tried two of the signature cocktails, the Whiskey Hunny (Redemption rye, yuzu honey, yuzu) and Berry Press (Leblon cachaca, berry puree, lime) – both packed a punch at an affordable (for this city) $12 each. We figured we couldn’t not have sushi here, so we tried two special rolls. Red Sea (spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, tobiko) had a spicy filling and was packed with crispy shrimp, and the popular Squarano (pictured above – seared tuna and salmon, kani, avocado, scallion, pepperoncini, green tea aioli) combined a variety of textures and flavors in a beautifully plated dish.

A cocktail, appetizer and special sushi roll each kept us more than satiated. To anyone looking for a sleek, chic, delicious spot for a date (or even a few friends) in the Gramercy area, Natsumi Tapas has you covered.






For more photos, click here. This meal was provided by Natsumi Tapas – all opinions are our own (and we loved this place!).