LIVE: Isaiah Rashad Rips The Stage at Night 14 of Red Bull’s 30 Days in LA

The day following a major, weekend-long music festival is usually designated for rest, as festival-goers are usually in recovery mode from the crazy long days of partying. Red Bull Sound Select ruined the recovery plans of many Camp Flog Gnaw attendees with Night 14 of their 30 Days in LA series. In collaboration with Australian promoters Laneway Presents, Red Bull Sound Select curated a diverse lineup at the legendary Echoplex in Los Angeles that included rapper/singer/songwriter Sampa the Great, Australia-based Mansionair, and TDE’s Isaiah Rashad. Sampa the Great hit the dark, foggy blue-lit stage with powerful vocals and hard hitting production to kick off the Monday night show. 

At the conclusion of Sampa’s set many in the crowd were asking about Mansionair. Who are they? What kind of music do they play? Are they any good? Halfway into the 1st song Lachlan, Alex, and Jack – better known as Mansionair –  wowed the unsuspecting audience and made a room full of new fans. Jack contributed killer vocals and expert guitar playing, while Alex brought the thump on the drums, and Lachlan did virtually everything else (keys, guitar, bass, and more). The impressive act pulled one last trick out of their hat when they brought a choir on stage for vocal assistance. Mansionair’s concerts have been selling out in Australia and, with the upcoming release of their debut album (being partially recorded in Los Angeles), it’s only a matter of time before they sell out shows stateside.

Mansionair set the stage for the night’s headliner. By the time TDE’s own Isaiah Rashad made his way to the stage, the sold out crowd had packed as close to the stage as possible and were ready to party. With only one full length record under his belt, the Chattanooga MC rocked the stage like a seasoned performer that had been touring for years. Seemingly indefatigable, Isaiah went through tracks from The Sun’s Tirade and Cilvia Demo. and brought out his chosen family, Hugh Augustine (for “Tity & Dollar”) and TDE’s first lady, SZA (“Stuck in the Mud”). With his crew, looking on from the side of the stage with admiration and pride, Night 14 served as a coronation for Isaiah. He’s ready.

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