MUSIC: Aaron Abernathy – Bachelorette (feat. Phonte & Black Milk)

Aaron Abernathy’s latest single from brand new release Monologue, “Bachelorette” takes aim at high school nostalgia. Black Milk and Phonte join Abernathy for turns at the mic on this ode to adolescent romance. As Abernathy tells it, “The track tells the story of me trying to get at a girl I’ve been eyeing, Black Milk in a long-term relationship with his girl, and Phonte is the player of the group.”

Sure, the song’s a fond throwback to the days when all it took to pull a girl was “being a letterman in two sports” and borrowing Dad’s ‘96 Pontiac Grand Prix. But as Abernathy’s grown-ass uber-funky voice and Wurlitzer organ bump up against bass guitar swagger, he flips the standard teenage boasts into something thoroughly convincing. “I wouldn’t speak,” he croons, “If I could not deliver.”

Aaron Abernathy