MUSIC: Electric Wire Hustle – Go Slow

Since hitting the scene with their 2009 self-titled debut, twin producers Mara TK and Taay Ninh of Electric Wire Hustle have been carving out a singular mix of downtempo ambience, funky 808 beats, and straight-ahead retro soul.

But “Go Slow,” the first single from their forthcoming third album (The 11th Sky), is a languid reintroduction that just might hint at a shift in their style. Sporting elegant strings and TK’s softly murmured vocal, this fully qualified slow-burner would slot nicely into your bedroom jams playlist…if it weren’t for that goddamn snare and insistent woodblock, which tease out an insidiously uneasy vibe. Call this make-out music for the clinically anxious.

The 11th Sky is set to drop on September 30th via Bastard Jazz Recordings.

Electric Wire Hustle