DRINK: The Copper Still [NYC]

Photo from theguardian.com

Photo from theguardian.com

You know what I hate?  When I go to a bar with outdoor seating and am told I can’t sit down and have a glass of wine until whoever I’m waiting for shows up.  I get the idea behind it, what if a full party shows up and has no where to sit and I’m sitting here taking up a table, waiting for my friends?  But the flip side is if I’m going to order a drink and possibly something to eat, why can’t I sit at the table you’ll give me eventually?

Lucky for me, that wasn’t an issue last night.  After a little miscommunication, I found myself waiting for a solid 40 minutes for a friend at The Copper Still.  And you know what?  It turned out to be absolutely fine.

It was one of those insanely hot summer nights we’ve been having where sitting outside may not seem like the best idea, even after the sun goes down, but we went for it anyway.  We were hot and laughed about how we were sticking to the chair, but the best way to cool off sometimes is a cold glass of white wine.  And that did just the trick.

When I was waiting alone, reading a book in the outdoor seating area I never felt rushed or that I shouldn’t be there.  I even sat at a table for four and spread out a little!  What luxury.  And when my friend arrived we actually had the best time catching up because we could actually hear what the other person was saying.  The crowd here was very chill and that’s exactly what we wanted.  I will definitely keep this place on my list for next time–and try to go before 7pm to take advantage of the happy hour!

The Copper Still
151 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003